• NEBOSH Exams

    Common Mistakes to Avoid in NEBOSH Exams

    A career in health, safety, and environmental management always considers NEBOSH exams on the priority list. To do well on these tests and get a NEBSOH Certificate, you should avoid typical pitfalls. If you want to pass the NEBOSH exam with less stress, this blog will review some of the most common pitfalls including the mistakes to avoid in NEBOSH…

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  • PCBs

    The Untold Story of Monsanto’s PCBs and Their Impact on Human Health

    For decades, a hidden danger lurked in everyday products, silently impacting human health. Monsanto’s production of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) left an indelible mark on our lives, with consequences only now coming to light.  PCBs, once hailed for their utility, have become synonymous with health hazards, legal battles, and a legacy of environmental contamination. In this exploration, we unveil the untold…

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  • Paragard Copper IUD

    Paragard Copper IUD: Is it Safe to Use? 

    Women have relied on diverse birth control methods over the decades to address pregnancy prevention and other healthcare needs. Among the most efficacious options are intrauterine devices (IUDs), recognized for their effectiveness in preventing pregnancy. Regrettably, the IUD, designed to entail minimal side effects, has become a source of traumatic injuries for numerous women, prompting a lawsuit. Recently, attention has…

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